Orlando Terrorist Attack Is Deadly Threat to Left’s Agenda

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  1. I was in contact with a friend who is head of gideons in my area—-asked him why the pastors in my area are not standing up and asking their people to gather and pray for our nation to repent—-his thoughts were that the pastors are all comfortable with their salary and retirement package and do not want to disturb this and do not feel called by God to do this—-what is your opinion of this answer

  2. Judy says:

    Brother John: I look up constantly and say, “Jesus Please come back soon”. I do not belong here. Please, please Jesus, come back NOW!

  3. Dan.w says:

    Thank you for not being politically correct brother John.It seems that many people who are in the sphere of influence,Biblically speaking,are squandering their God given opportunties to be salt and light in this time in history.There are some fantastic pastors out there who,like you,tell it as it is.I pray that the Lord bless His faithful,and let those who ‘are hirelings’..be exposed and shunned for the frauds they really are.When they shear God’s sheep for filthy lucre..they will have to give account.You are a blessing to us brother John.May I get an Amen from all of you out there?Lets bless this man of God.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I just can’t hold back nor do I ever want to.
      I must report what I believe that God is showing me, as
      I am accountable to him and not man.

  4. Rich in Jesus says:

    He is just about on his way, oh I have such a longing for my love I want to be with him!!
    The Holy Spirit is making me so ready I can not stop crying I so long for him!