Paris Generation Identitaire Leader: ‘This is the Last Election We Have’ to Make Powerful Solutions for France’s Future

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  1. Denise Scott says:

    Well, it didn’t take long for your prediction re Obama setting up an opposition movement against Trump to materialize, Brother John! It’s the headline on Drudge right now! It is SUCH a bitter pill to swallow to see his smug face again…and it is unsettling because it’s still not clear what the Lord has in store for our nation. I believe that Trump was likely elected solely for the sake of Israel and what is up ahead for her. She will need the United States’ support very soon. Otherwise, I see no reason that judgment should be withheld from our nation as there has certainly been no evidence of wholesale repentance in the churches.

  2. danw says:

    Father God,bring down the pedophile ring.Also,I believe Soro’s may not experience real judgment until he passes…I do not pity him at all.Last night the Lord showed me that Soro’s is soros backwards….not quite sure of the significance yet…perhaps has something to do with pure evil.As re; the ‘failed N.K. missile tests…Don’t you believe they were failures..that’s what the [FAKE NEWS] want’s you to believe.They were all successes.How so you ask?They were fired with EMP uses in mind,not nuclear.They were destroyed so we could not get evidence,but be very sure our intel is fully aware of all of this.We…are on a need to know basis…guess we are not supposed to know…oops.If N.K. utilized these EMP ready arms on us…you can imagine total meyhem…Now you have an inkling on how soon Christ could come for us.Remember,all must pass through the Lord’s filter first.

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      You’re right on track, Dan – watch for our next post which focuses on North Korea’s missiles and threats to use them as EMP’s with their satellites…

  3. danw says:

    I used to want to learn french.The language is very beautiful,except for and occasional gagging sound…but I believe France is on it’s last legs and dying fast.When God was kicked out of that culture,they sealed their own fate…It may have taken many years,but God was still merciful.Their language is beautiful..but their history,not so much.It’s so sad to watch them commit national suicide.There is a lesson in it for us.