Planned Parenthood to Preschoolers: ‘Genitals Don’t Make You a Boy or Girl’

4 Responses

  1. KimW says:

    Georgeann, may GOD continue to protect you and John as you bring the truth as difficult as it may be.
    It breaks my heart to read about the dregs of the Earth teaching our precious children the lies of the devil.
    Soon the trumpet will sound and these millstone owners will taste what will come.
    Only by the grace of GOD go I, but have never read the testimony of the saved pedophile. Have you ?

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      God bless you

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      God bless you – it is very encouraging to have good, honest Christians who appreciate what we’re trying to do – and your prayers mean a lot to us. Thanks for your comments.

  2. danw says:

    We see the ‘signs on the wall’.Thank you Jesus for sparing us and the U.S. thus far.We know that judgment is not too far off.One ‘false move’ is all it takes.It’s a tight balance.I thank God for Trump.He has a spine.Some may dislike his rhetoric,but I for one find it refreshing to have a leader in office,not a limpwristed,lead from nowhere God hater.Time is indeed short.That is why you [brother John] will receive my letter i sent today.When I do appear before the Lord face to face..I want it to be without any shame,because I trusted fully upon His Name,and in gratitude for His ‘free gift’ of eternal life,was willing to share His love gift with others.Thank you and Georgann for ‘being there’….Oh.and …p.s….get better brother John.