Putin Warns of World War 3

3 Responses

  1. Judy says:

    From the FBI instituting ‘Retina scans’ to the schools requiring DNA from the children, the Bible is opening up the soon return of our Lord and Savior. The LGBT movement and the slaughter of innocent babies are just two of the major crimes against God. So many have gone to hell who died unsaved. Many, many more will go to hell when they die because they have rejected Jesus Christ as their Savior. God is so grieved because He said that He didn’t want anyone to perish. But, He gave us free will. We can either accept or deny His Precious Son.

    I have a neighbor who is pretty high up in the military. I am concerned for him and his wife and his precious little boy. My neighbor told me that he didn’t want any of that “Jesus crap” in his house. He is putting himself and his little boy at risk of going to hell and he has no concept of the pain that they are going to suffer. I think we all live around people who have rejected Christ Jesus. My heart hurts for them. I cannot reach them, but Jesus can. So I will pray for them. Perhaps Jesus will open a door to them.

  2. Dan.w says:

    We are in a very precarious situation.Most of the church is ‘silent’.,the major media is mum as well.The govt.is now mostly run by true God haters,sabre’s..they are a-rattlin’.Evil is good,and good is outlawed.Can Jesus be far off….I think not.

  3. Dan.w says:

    Pray hard for your neighbor….there is no door Christ cannot open.Spiritual warfare is heightened on both sides.Those who hate God and His Christ may win the day,but lose out in Eternity.I once,long ago was a mocker,but Jesus had other plans.Here am I,now His.Thank you Jesus for your longsuffering patience,waiting so we would have time to repent and turn to you…but the clock of prophecy is ever so close to the curtain closing on the day of grace.If someone out there has not yet surrendered to Jesus,..now is the time to do so.There is no guarantee you will wake up tommorrow from your bed.It is too late to accept Christ after you’ve died…the die is cast.Do it now,while it is a free gift.There is no sin Jesus cannot forgive but the sin of unbelief.Heaven is real but cannot be reached with unbelief in the person and finished work of Christ.He did it ALL,so you could say yes to Him.