Ratcliffe Declassifies Docs Revealing Brennan Briefed Barack Obama on Hillary Clinton’s Plan to ‘Stir Up’ a Scandal Between Trump, Russia

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  1. dan.w says:

    Australia,New Zealand,Canada and South America/Mexico…are being occupied either by troops or financially propped up to build their infrastructure..then because china holds the purse strings..these countries now are beholden to them.They are being ‘excised’ from us as allies.America is really on her own right now.If I’m not mistaken..China has the rights to the locks between the atlantic and pacific oceans..They ‘own’ the internet..[thank you Barry Soetoro]…They either own or control major shipping ports in Canada,and most likely in America.Many Chicoms are at both borders,some slipping in to our country..others ‘on the wait for a cue’.We ARE in a civil war.If this thing heats up here..be on the watch for the Chicom invasion..for that is their stated goals even in ‘white papers’…P.S…they take no prisoners.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Right now China is getting its butt kicked by India in the Himalayas!!! There is no way China can muster enough troops for a land invasion of America. China has to defeat Japan, Taiwan, India and Austria to get to us. If there is a civil war in America, China can do a lot of damage by helping the Communist-dems. Trump has greatly weakened them since he took office and really upgraded our defenses after B. Hussein weakened us. This is my opinion.

  2. Marleita says:

    Why was the word “s-h-*-t” not asterisked out of the Cal Cunningham article? Isn’t this a “Christian” website?

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Are you serious about questioning whether this is a Christian website? How about just pointing it out and suggesting the correction.
      You’ll get better results from people if you take my suggestion.

  3. Julie says:

    I watched the trailer for the documentary on America and was disappointed to see Richard Grenell being interviewed. Mr. Grenell is a practicing homosexual, isn’t he? Do homosexuals inherit the kingdom? Are they born again? Why would he be chosen to be in this movie? I do not hate homosexuals. I love them enough to tell them their behavior is condemned in the Bible. I’m so tired of the games “Christians” keep playing and the manipulation I must endure. This man was chosen on purpose to be in this film. What is the agenda?

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I’ve posted many times about this blindside of President Trump with the homosexuals. We constantly intercede that the Lord will have mercy on us
      with Grenell working in the White House. This is very serious with the Lord and we must intercede.

  4. dan.w says:

    I agree with you brother John on the homosexual blindside we have in Trump.I’m still voting for him,[Trump]..but not happy about the sodomite thing.Did anyone else ever notice at the rallies,the music played is YMCA..a song by very lightfooted men,[in my opinion]..and Elton John’s music.If any of you out there think I’m being petty…remember..Elton is virulent against Christianty,Christians..etc.He plain hates em!We have to pray that Mr.President see’s the homo connection is a curse,not a blessing.Believers identity is in Christ ..unbelievers usually identify themselves by their sin..and will not separate from it unless god convicts them of their error.Lets hope that a hidden idol in the camp isn’t our coddling and approval of a lifestyle that is really not life at all.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I read all the lyrics of the song and it was not offensive. I also read the history and it was OK. I’m with you about the homosexuality.