Satanist Leads Invocation at Alaska Assembly Meeting

4 Responses

  1. Judy says:

    President Reagan said, “If we ever forget we are one nation under God, then we will be one nation gone under.” It appears that this nation is on a collision course with total destruction.

    I think that because of all of the extreme corruption in this nation and the Satanist media in full swing, we are headed to a certain end result. Just because the USA is not in the Bible, we still have the Word of God to guide and encourage us.

    I keep hearing how ‘good’ people will go to heaven. Hell is going to be full of ‘good’ people. Erasing our Savior from public education has brought us to the point of a country that is running out of time.

    Come soon Lord Jesus. Come soon Lord Jesus!!!!!

  2. Dan.w says:

    I live in milwaukee,where all the ‘stuff’ is going on.Yes,we are the most racially divided city in America..and No,it was not mostly ‘outsiders’ who burned businesses,torched cop cars and ‘bricked them’ and,threatened cops who by this point backed down so as not to escalate the situation even more.This was engineered by outsiders,but this undercurrent of seething anger is just under the surface waiting to go off in any city.The one worlders,by design,have had this plan for a couple of generations,now it is coming to fruition.They want to implode our society,replace it with ‘their plan’.One more socialistic chess move,with them holding all the cards.Because almost no one studies Bible prophecy or history anymore,resistance is futile because the powers that be fear the angry mob more than want to enforce law.I feel bad for the rank and file officers,not too much for our liberal,[progressive mayor],or our police chief who lost credibility long ago in a scandal.We have lost our moorings because Christ,[the true Head],is excluded in this society.Now,city leaders and pastors scramble to make sense of it all,and try to ‘heal’ the ‘hood’.Midnight basketball and busywork are not answers,but a waste of time.Absentee parents made this mess.You can bet no one who torched this city will have to repay what they have done.They think its a joke,and wait for another chance to ‘break the system’ that they have already broken by making others work for them so they live for free.They needed a spanking,but no one was there.They needed love,but all they got was,I got no time for you.They needed hope,but welfare isn’t hope,its a trap.Pray for them,that God would open their eyes.Thanks.

  3. Don Barnett says:

    Is information available to tally how many Americans have been DISPLACED by natural disasters (floods, fires, tornadoes, etc.) in the calendar year 2016? I certainly do not have such info, but would like to know. I believe it gives another perspective on how God is currently judging our nation.