Saudi Daily: Iran Has Replaced Israel as the Gulf States’ No. 1 Enemy

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  1. kim segar says:

    I see and maybe I am wrong, but this dam has to fall. and then we have the other river drying up so the Asia armies can get thru to attack Israel. and know that despite all the bombing destruction already, that Iraq the old Babylon will be destroyed completely never to be rebuilt again. on the other hand G-d tells us Damascus would be destroyed as well. some say it has already, but G-d said, in one hour at night, Damascus is gone. I think Putin got out because he knows that will happen, and he is the one with the hook in his jaw to take all nations against Israel. Thank G-d that will be when Almighty G-d Roars thru Zion and destroys the enemies when their feet hit HIS HOLY Land. Some say America is not in bible prophecy , but I believe we are as the people on the coast living safe..I also read in the bible where G-d says in four days to destroy the nuke at Bushre. HE will destroy the Arab nations an then the ten nations of Rome and beyond with Vatican will rule till the L-rd comes..