Senate Republicans Block So-Called ‘Equality Act’ That ‘Guts’ Religious Freedom

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  1. dan.w says:

    We actually are in the midst of a civil war..except ours is unique in the fact that we don’t know we are.The dems know it.Antifa knows it.Homosexuals know it.Atheists know it.Communists know it.One worlders know it… how come we don’t?….This is why we will lose…..wake up little sleepers…wakey,wakey……

  2. dan.w says:

    We have treasonous and traitorous people pretending to be Americans.Yeah,they may have been born here..but they really are enemy combatants.They believe whats yours is theirs..and will take it from you by force if needed.They will,[by posse]..become a lynch mob against you if you espouse truth.They are judge,jury,executioner.That is why they need to be stopped.The police,or the ‘thin blue line’ has been for all intents..erased.Political correctness has neutered them,rendering them …as a bad joke.This is not to impune individuals..but cash and politics are the grease for their wheels…cut the budget…they are useless.Liberals hate truth and real law,so the cops have to go hide in a corner.Notice no one escapes political correctness wrath.Throw in some white guilt..and now everyone is throwing away real history for the made up one..musical groups change their names to go with the flow.This is just like how islam works.Kow tow.It never works.The spineless ones with no truth will get one to the head anyways..because they play the ‘useful idiot’.They are fodder for satan.I will bow to no homo,commie,or anyone who is not Jesus Christ..Period.I will not apollogize for my skin tint,my sense of humor,or my Savior.To all of you who hate Christ,or our country which I know is not perfect..I say pound sand.Pound it hard.Pound it often..then go to a country that most agree’s with your ideal world view..and never come back.I guarantee you will be their ‘pack animal at best,or you will be raped,tortured and killed…because though you think you are ‘one of them’…they will never see you as that…maybe because you are ‘the wrong skin color’.Christians and conservatives are not the nazi’s…you my little liberal friend are.Wake the heck up…and fellow believers…it’s late.You know what to do.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I pray live every Saturday for revival for survival on FaceBook and YouTube. Where are God’s people crying out to the Lord?

  3. dan.w says:

    They are there…I know they are.I believe that we even as Christians think our numbers are bigger than they really are.We are a ‘remnant’.To me that means almost too small to be counted,number wise.A remnant of fabric comes to mind.Just a little ‘swatch’ so you know what it would look like if you had a real piece of it.God still uses remnants..and I’m glad we are in that group.I pray every day..sometimes I wake myself up in the middle of the night…because I’m praying in my sleep.God bless you brother John.I know this world is not our home because we are ‘pilgrims’..but we should still fight for the right and for the Godly and the good.There is a time to be meek and mild.This is not one of those times.Jesus wasn’t a doormat,neither should we be.I ‘foresee’ the potential that the NWO is watching/waiting to see how this all plays out,then try to further exploit our ‘situation’ and help us to our demise as a free nation.Red Dawn,the movie is very instructive.Though violent,I advise people to watch as much as they can stand to get a feel for what may be around the corner unless the Lord intervenes.Russia,China,N.K. all want us gone…besides the traitors in our midst.Pray hard.Jesus could come at any moment…until then..we must be on guard,at the ready.We have to be our own police.Call 911 if you want a ‘toetag’…I myself don’t have time to waste on a ‘phone call’..the enemies are at our doors…..