Shame on the Silent Christian Leaders Who Refuse to Stand Against Government Tyranny

2 Responses

  1. danw says:

    I know there must be many pastors who listen in or are a part of ‘this family’,who are faithful.They may not post like I do,but I know God has a faithful remnant,such as you,brother John.I do agree,however,that many in the pulpits are there for the wrong reason.It is a Holy calling,not an occupation.If the Holy Spirit is not on the inside of any pastor,then they are merely leading others to Hell,because they are on [the outside] of the Body of Christ.This is not to say all in that congregation are lost,but surely,their ‘radar’ should tell them something is wrong.If the pastor never talks about being born again,there is a huge clue.All congregations are ‘spirit led’.You want to be sure it is Holy Spirit led.If you are not sure,ask your pastor..what you must do to be saved?His answer will give you your answer.Please read John 3.3

  2. Lonnie Trembath says:

    Very good job. You are right on all points. Keep up the good work. Some church leaders are cowards and dont want to get involved.. The new world order is not finished. They are laying low for now.