Somerville, Mass. Unanimously Passes Law Recognizing ‘Polyamorous’ Domestic Partnerships

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  1. dan.w says:

    We are a society that is in the ‘Isaiah 5;20’ mold.Evil called good,good called evil.Sex with animals and dead people are next…oh,wait..we already have that.

  2. Linn says:

    Brother John, thanks for all of this great info! Regarding how patriots should organize to defend our country, my adult son showed me this: Mike Glover is an ex-military, special forces guy, and he said he no longer feels safe…that the US is starting to feel like the Middle East. So he’s trying to organize the Patriots in order to defend the US. He has a youtube channel. It’s nice to see someone finally trying to DO something…he has ALOT of ex-military on board already! Trump has sent federal troops to Portland, and it’s about time that he DID something. I wonder if Trump could offer all the police that are quitting the force right now, to be a part of Federal, Military Force in liberal cities. They’d have more power and protection. Oh how I long for the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ! Shining forth His Light and looking Up, Linn