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New Blog Post: Image of the Beast

What I do in this blog is keep the reader on the cutting edge of technology advancements that are directly leading to the Image of the Beast. Though we don’t yet know what form that ultimately will take, technology is certainly involved and we’ll revise the analysis as new developments appear. These advancements are reported under headings that include: Computer Brain, Digitized Mind, Artificial Mind, Robotic Body, Cyborg, Genetic Armageddon, Chimera, and Advanced Technology.

Image of the Beast Blog: “Have Our Scientific Elite Begun Playing God?”

Looking over these articles, what you’ll notice immediately is how eager both science and the media are to tout new tech advances as the possible cure for all ills, as the gateway to a new, better world with greater equality, and as a bolster for all of the social engineering programs which have been forced on us in the last few decades. But one has to read the stories together, not just in this post, but overall, to get the real picture of what’s occurring and how far down the road we actually are.