The Death of Common Sense

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  1. danw says:

    Just wanted to say’thank you’.Faithfulness is a good trait.Hard work and honesty are others.No fake news here.God bless you both,John,Georgann.Great work,Danw.

  2. danw says:

    I don’t have any proof about my next statement…but lets see how well I know human nature…There is a strong possibility that we could see mass demonstrations on presidents day.I could be 100% wrong…time will tell.If there is,I could tell you who is behind it and where the money came from,and all the players.If nothing happens…lets take a very short nap.,then back to work we go.

  3. danw says:

    I’ll look for it,but not look forward to it.Recently John McShame has taken ‘The Donald’to task over free press.Words from a true Rino.He tries to shame the prez,when its the other way around.McFlame is a liberal through and through,like a grass snake,hiding in the republican weeds.Well,I’m outing you..John Mc naughty….We need to purge the fake God and country lovers from the ranks,or pull the covers off of them.He reminds me of Jiminy Carter,,,who seemed to always be on the wrong side of things…hmmm,must have a different’holy spirit’.I honor McCains service as a P.O.W…..after that,not so much.He is carrying water for satan.Maybe Soros owns him…and many others.On a good note…God bless you Mr.President.I’m praying for you.Keep up the good work sir.