The Left’s Ultimate Plan Revealed

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  1. danw says:

    Shelley looks like a man in drag to me.Yep…us white guys are now the bad guys.We enslaved the blacks,cheated the indians,etc,etc,blah,blah.Yep,we are homophobes,etc,etc.So who do I make my false guilt checks out to?The U.N. or is it the black panther/islamic/catholic/socialists-liberal party of all things sick and twisted?Can’t get it all on.Just have to trust me,I’m an honorary all things above,please don’t hurt me guy,less a spine.NOT!Anyhow,next subject.A fellow I’ve known for years and I discuss Bible.I won’t name names cause it’;s not fitting.Today,as a continuation of a discussion ensued,This person[claiming to be Christian],believes one can lose their salvation,and doe’s not believe the Bible or Jesus teaches eternal security of the believer.I now know I’m dealing with a religionist.It’s works.People….please be wary of those who say they are Christians,but their theology differs from the Bible.Always,always…take Christ at His word,no matter how persuasive a persons argument or point that is contrary to what the Holy Spirit confirms to you.God never lies.