The World Economic Forum Talks About “Mind Control Using Sound Waves

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  1. dan.w says:

    Once the muslims take office here,as in politic’s..we are done.We cannot remove them because the political will,and spiritual discernment are lacking.They wreck everything they touch,because,like democrat’s..all they can do is take over and’s in their DNA,and charter’s.America is in a slow mo death spiral..only it’s not so slow any more.Liberal islam is a fallacy prepared for the ignorant west,fake christian,and liberal’s to swallow to our demise.They alway’s go from liberal to more and more hard line..the end being the ‘whetting of the sword’ for us dhimmi’s..that would be like swill or sewage in their eye’s.We have a very small window to reach the lost.All of Hell and it’s putrid minion’s are arrayed against all we stand for.You have to know we are close to the calling of Christ for His Bride.I’m pre=trib as I believe that’s what the Bible is…but that won’t mean we won’t see pain,suffering,riot’s..etc.We see some of it now.The evil one know’s his time is short..and he and his ‘ilk’ are chomping at the bit,you see it every where.Even so…come Lord Jesus….I am looking working..and waiting.

  2. dan.w says:

    We need to reach the lost here,in America…That includes atheists,muslims,and those who walked away from church for whatever reason..because our days here are numbered and limited.Recently,the Lord led me to a fast food restaurant,where I walked inside..not a good neighborhood by any stretch..and felt the tug to give the lady behind the register a Jesus DVD.She was not having the best of days,but seemed to tolerate me.I was kind,polite,and asked her how she was.I genuinely cared about her as this is our call.I kindly said…I figure there must be about 20 people that work here…Could you please give everyone here a DVD…? I just want to give all of you an early Christmas present .Its the best story in the world…cause its true…As a note:[This was all of God,and none of me].This is nothing I would have thought of on my own…But,when the Lord opens a door..walk through it.I prayed over the encounter afterwords…because this happened so quickly..I honestly was just trying to get a coffee on my way to work….Thank You Father God.You are faithful.Please,everyone..Ask the Lord to make this real to their hearts….God bless.