Trump to Netanyahu: I will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s united capital

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  1. Hi there Bro. McTernan. I just wanted to make a comment on your commentary. I agree with you. I have been talking to The Lord a little bit about this and the Word of God does say that the EAGLES WINGS will help the WOMAN. So I have been saying to The Lord. Lord, if there is no America who is going to help Israel. Thanks for listening. Grace

  2. Dan.w says:

    God bless Israel..God bless the Jewish people.

  3. Kristi says:

    God bless pastor Benham! I felt like I was listening to an Old Testament prophet issue a warning! “Woe to you!” Oh that the Lord would raise up more men like him. As far as God needing America to protect Israel? He does not. The Lord Himself will perhaps protect Israel and destroy her enemies in such a way to leave no doubt whatsoever where her protection comes from. The supernatural destruction of the offspring of Ishmael (Islam) would certainly get my attention if I were a secular Jew. God alone knows, and I rest in Him. My heart yearns for this nation to repent and turn to the Lord again, but if we are too far gone I will accept that from His Hands as well.

  4. Susan Dietz says:

    I have been talking to some of my church brothers and find that many of them are not voting at all because they say neither Hillary or Trump are Christian and both are morally corrupt. Their allegiance is to Christ, so they tell me. These are good Bible believing people. I am torn but then after being in the Word I realized that it’s not about the “vote” it’s about our own walk with the Lord and giving up our own idols. It’s about crying out to God to come near to America and touch the hearts of His people to pray and plead with Him to have mercy on us. It’s about our own personal revival, one person at a time. What good is it to banter about voting or not. Why not talk about how we are going to fast and pray for God to work in this election. Because without God it doesn’t matter who wins, America is under judgement. Is 63

  5. Dan.w says:

    May the Lord continue to bless this ministry…I ask in Jesus Holy and wonderful name,Amen.

  6. sage_brush says:

    Bother John – I agree 100% with your commentary about Trump and H. Clinton. Trump, in my eyes, is a modern day Jehu. In the days of Ahab and Jezebel, Jehu was raised up to stop Jezebel and her evil priests of Baal. We are almost in the same condition with Hill and Bill. Hillary is Bill’s enabler, just as Jezebel enabled Ahab for Naboth’s vineyard. I just don’t understand why my Christian brothers and sisters can’t see that. It’s very frustrating. It’s like they are blind. They rant on and and on about Trump’s moral failures. I am certainly grateful that my moral failures (before I was saved) are not used against me. Thank you Jesus.

    Just as Ahab was weak, Bill Clinton was a “moderate.” Jezebel was the truly evil force, just as Hilary Clinton is as liberal and evil as her apparent mentor was. Dick Morris says that Hillary makes Bill’s liberalism conservative by comparison.

  7. Dan.w says:

    Politics may be distasteful..[most of the time],but we are to be salt and light in a crooked and perverse culture.When we withdraw our influence,we lose by default.Then,when the culture has turned on us,it will be because of us Our dissobedience to God is why we are losing this fight.Politics is Spiritual battle in shoe leather.If we refuse to engage,[Biblically],speaking,i.e.praying,reaching the lost,even perhaps voting,we ‘give away the inheritance our forefathers fought,bled and died for.’Trust me on this one..we WILL have to account to God because we lack spiritual insight and backbone and conviction.If anyone is waiting for Jesus as candidate before they will vote for that person,,I have news and a rebuke for you.When Jesus was presented the first time,the people chose Barrabas.We are not voting for priest,but we will get what we do or don’t vote for.I cannot sit this one out..For me its not between the lesser of two evils,..but the life or death of a nation.I cannot be so smug as to say…no one will get my vote.No…by not voting,you still do..for the greater of two evils. Thanks brother John for this site. P.s. folks..its a liberal lie that we should withdraw from influencing art,music,society or politics…thats why we are in this mess. Sitting on your hands will only give you more Hillary’s,Bill’s,Obama’s…

  8. Dan.w says:

    If people refuse to stand for truth when it costs them nothing,..they surely will not stand for truth when it costs them everything.

  9. Patricia Conlon says:

    Please put me back on your list for receiving emails