Trump victory is a win for the little guy over the elite

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  1. danw says:

    I know there will be a lot of naysayers..but,I truly believe we have witnessed the Lord baring His mighty arm.Face it,the whole thing was rigged.He,[Donald],was not supposed to win.We cannot credit man,or our disgust with’the other side’..This was much bigger than that.God cut through a totally corrupt and morally bankrupt system and [installed]His pick.The Father definitely heard our prayers for mercy.We may have a small window with which to reach the lost with,lets use it.Meantime,all Hell is releasing it’s venom and dirty tricks from all corners.We will see things that the Lord will have to intervene on because of the Spiritual intensity of it all.Time is short,and Christ coming is sooner than all of us know or believe.Thank you Jesus,for Your mercy and total Love Gift of eternal life for us.Help us redeem this time for Your Holy Namesake,Amen.

  2. Leo says:

    The outcome of the election is a foregone conclusion.There are some who probably feel giddy at this point. Prayer warriors, stay vigilant. The light will overcome if the light prevails. Hopefully, unity will somehow overcome divisiveness. Remember the golden rule: love your brother as yourself.

  3. Reg Sappie says:

    So far my Prayer is being Answered …all the Way to the White House.(Y)
    My Prayerful Prediction April 5 2016 –on my Facebook <
    Donald J Trump will get the Delegates needed ..and the Election in November will go forth without a hitch…and Trump will be our Next President ..Thank You Jesus <
    Un benounced to Donald Trump …his family Roots go back to German Jews and the Tribe of Judah <
    The Government shall not depart from Judah
    He will put things in Order and "Prepare the Way" for Fiscal Responsibility …and by putting our Financial House in Order— "No More Chaos"
    He will cut the Dead Wood in Government…and say "Your Fired"

    My Trump Train of Thoughts to Our White House