Tsunami of Perversion Rising: Public Sexual Perversion Now Legal

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  1. Dan.w says:

    You have heard that history repeats itself.I say,if it doesn’t repeat itself,it sure doe’s rhyme a lot…We don’t learn from history,so we do the same things over again,until our destruction as a nation.We are well past the trash heap as far as being reprobate.We are without excuse because history is rife with real world examples of judgment on evil nations.History,[not revised],has little impact on the here and now generation.Nineveh,and Sodom have nothing on us.Hell has no bottom,nor the wicked man a limit to his wickedness.That is why we need the Lord to intervene.Note;the powerlessness of the present day church.Father God,use us to reach this [cult]ure…If our witness is a waste of time to this present dispensation of people,then please step in to take care of your church,and also deal with evil as only you can,Amen.

  2. patty sheneman says:

    Dr. Mcternan, can you comment on the fact that Obama said at the U.N. today that “Israel can’t keep occupying palestinian lands”? He is meeting Bibi and an article I read said that he will set the boundaries for the palestinian state before he leaves office. Can you comment on this—also, that this is the jubilee year–do you feel that next year Israel may regain land? thank you

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      There is not enough time for Obama to do any damage like this to Israel.
      The problem that I have is how do we know that this is a Jubilee year? When do we start counting from?