U.S. Army Chief Threatens War With Russia

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  1. Dan.w says:

    I,too pray that ‘The Donald’,gets in.He gets it.The Rhino’s hate him because they are in reality liberals or marxists at their core.I hope ‘The Donald’ go’s for the jugular and hits the Clintons where they live.That would be to expose Clintonbodycount.com.He could hammer on this and shut them both down at one fell swoop.Donald has to go past the sexual assault cases,[bad as they are],and go to the ‘dead bodies’ that litter the American landscape with Clinton finger prints all over them.Donald…If you are listening.,…Clintonbodycount.com.

  2. Dan.w says:

    I just want to say how grateful I am because of your website and firm Biblical stand and accurate reporting of the real news…not that garbage the fakestream media pour out on the simple masses.We have the Holy Spirit to guide us and your faithfulness is such an incredible blessing at such a perilous time.Keep up the great work guys,[lady].

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      Thanks for being patient with us – all of the websites have been crashing for a week so new posts have been rare. It seems all is finally fixed and we look forward to your comments on new posts.

  3. Dan.w says:

    If it wasn’t for my patience,modesty,charm,wealth or good looks,I’d have nothing going for me…did I mention my modesty?…ha,ha.I know you needed a smile.Eternal life is free…but that smile?,priceless.

  4. Dan.w says:

    Thanks for all the hard work going into this ministry.God bless all of you.

  5. Dan.w says:

    Thanks for the info on website crashing…I thought it was just my computer,God bless.

  6. Gary Canant says:

    General Mark Miley’s emotional outburst troubles me!
    So many times in my 71 years I have watched the boasters get decked with JUST ONE PUNCH!.
    And with the punch, perhaps the chemical trails over our nation will vaporize!.