UPDATE: Why Is Joe Biden Risking War with Russia Over Ukraine?

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  1. Dewey W Whitworth says:

    Dumb Asses do as dumb asses do !

  2. dan.w says:

    I believe God punishes nations..and individuals..but on different timetables at times.The Lord can and doe’s use wicked nations to punish even more wicked ones,or vise versa to bring a nation to repentance.The NWO works for satan.Mutterer puppet Joe sockpuppet is like a bag over someones hand.His lips move and thats all they need.He will sign or do anything.He is a perfect reflection of America right now..both walking dead and don’t know it.America has good people,[real Christians] fighting back with everything..but maybe God has plans we won’t really like..because it’s not OUR story….I PRAY He would spare us from the stupidity that is Biden….or the evil that is running full bore at us even now.We ALL know…Trump won…but maybe God said…..enough. Dead babies,DNA hacking,fallen angel interference in man’s affairs..Christ has a timetable too.Perhaps we will soon hear…Come up hither!!!!,and the bride is gone!,..or perhaps we inch closer and closer to the trib,and we are hunted down.Either way,we are His.Lets keep praying/fighting/winning souls for Jesus…because that’s why we are here.

  3. dan.w says:

    P.S. I see,[if things continue as they have]..a potential MCE,or mass cassualty event in the offing via the ‘death jab’ that is being foisted on humanity.Dr.Sherri Tenpenny really knows her stuff on mRNA….please people,don’t get the ‘shot’.It’s the ovens all over again.Satan laughs at how people will act like stupid mice and get in the mouse trap themselves…thinking they are doing it for their/others health.Spiritual discernment is on the wane.Please warn people…because wisdom crieth in the streets…is anyone heeding it?

  4. John Godre says:

    I think it amazing that G-d loves us soo much and has entrusted us to present His Son to others that so desperately are in need of salvation, no fear, and that we are being equipped like never before, due to the times we are living in, to show others the True escape that is being prepared from the beginning of time..(G-d’s timetable). I pray that G-d does not use an enemy of ours to ‘yank our chain’ like He did with Babylon and Israel. On that note, it is clear to me that we as a country are right in the ‘time table’ of His stated preamble, preparing for THE DAY OF THE LORD. FACTS: TRUMP DID WIN…VACCINES ARE DANGEROUS…BOTH DEMOCRATES AND REPUBLICANS ARE CORRUPT…..BLACK IS WHITE….WHITE IS BLACK….TRUTH TWISTED….FALSE NARRATIVES PREVAIL…AND JESUS (YESHUA) IS ON THE WAY! In the mean time, let’s do our job as being the soldiers that we are….the fisherman that we are…the Bond Servants that we are….and do the work of the ministry G-d has called us to.

  5. dan.w says: