URGENT: Hard Left Warning to Believers

4 Responses

  1. Dom says:

    If the God-forsaken Equality Act were ever to become federal law, churches will be forced to…

    *host same-sex ceremonies

    *give biological men access to women’s bathrooms, showers, and nursing-mother rooms at any time, and to stay as long as they want

    *hire staff involved in LGBT conduct

    *allow cross-dressers to be greeters, ushers, Sunday school teachers and more

    Wake up, American churches!

  2. dan.w says:

    This is why ‘churches’ across America are dying.They have turned from God,rewrote the Bible..and pandered to men’s opinions and survey’s….Church isn’t supposed to be touchy/feely or a democracy.It’s supposed to be the remnant,or Body of Christ..but the culture has turned most church’s to Hell’s road.It is up to us as individual believer’s to reach one heart at a time..not an organization..we are an organism…waiting for Christ,the Head to come for us..and be doing ‘business until He comes…Cultural church’s..not blood bought/born-again believer’s are a horse with no head,stumbling around,going bumpity,bump..making [asses] out of themselve’s,and making the Name of Christ a joke to the world.They will be the one’s standing at the Great White Throne…totally speechless..having a form of godliness,but also having denied the One True Way to the Father,Jesus Christ..and His perfect sacrifice…therefore,they stand naked,with no cover for their sin,no blood to wash it away.I don’t say this to pedestal myself or berate them..just stating an obvious condition of the saved and the religious,[lost].This is a serious matter..which make our preaching/reaching the lost even more important and urgent.How dare we go a day without letting Christ out of our mortal shell to an open invite to Heaven.In the end..what will we say to Jesus as well if we neglect giving out ‘The Gift’.

  3. dan.w says:

    Thank you brother…God bless.