Urgent warning for Christians to help Trump beat Obama’s shadow government

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  1. danw says:

    We have to be careful when dealing with the snake,barry.He was schooled specifically,to cause friction,division,and anarchy.He is a muslim/marxist/communist/progressive.We don’t let the ‘devil’ call the tune,then dance to it.Christianity usually is on the defense,because,culturally,it is weak and they know it.We must be ‘an offense’ with the truth of Scripture lived out in our lives,then taken out to the lost/dying culture.When they ‘take the battle to us’,we will respond,but,perhaps we can ‘take the battle to them’,the higher calling one’,where Jesus is presented,one on one,in a respectful and ,loving concerned way..because we care where they will spend eternity…even if they don’t..yet.We can let ‘The Lord set the agenda,time,place,person to talk to’.Hearts are more easily won,one at a time.It beats two angry sides of people,pitted against each other,both digging in their heels,minds shut,hearts bitter,words flying.We can be firm in telling God’s complete truth of why we need to be saved.I’m not a great orator,but,with true humility,and truth,God can melt hearts so they hear His Word…if even for a moment.Jesus did say He came with a sword,but His sword has a constructive element to it,..unlike islam.