Warning America: ‘Do Not Be a Bystander to History’; ‘Fate of Future and Country’ ‘in Your Hands

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God..please protect,and encourage real Christian’s and patriot’s who understand it is by Your hand Lord..that we are here.Give us Your wisdom and peace of mind/heart as we do battle with Christ as our Leader.Here,in wisconsin..gov.Evers declared today national indigenous peoples day..instead of Columbus day.It may seem small to the average person..but…Christopher was named after Christ..Christos…or ‘the light bearer………..’satan..[with a puny pukey ‘s’…hates anything that has Christian attached to it,if it is good.I’m not ‘whitewashing a man’..we are all fallen creatures…but if the devil had an eraser..he would,..use it……AND IS..Stand up and be counted!!!!..men and women of God.Battle with sober prayer..and at the ballot box..in the public square.If we know what to do..and not do it…it is sin.This could be the time where if you sit this one out…we are done.America will be no more..and you will feel the whip of socialism and wish for death….but..’they’ will not let you off that easy.You do NOT want to know what your potential complacency and spiritual dissobedience will cost you..either now,or for eternity.Your,[our] inaction/actions proves you…like a refiners fire…either as a traitor..or as a faithful person of God.

  2. dan.w says:

    We are in the ‘lukewarm’ church age..the one Jesus talked about.An inch deep…and a mile wide.I love the real Church…..There is,however a counterfeit one..[yes,thats right]..growing up right beside her.Most real Church member’s pay her,[the harlot],no nevermind.They think,Oh!..it’s just another religion..and we are all for freedom of religion.Fact is…religion NEVER saved even one person.It’s only a higher place from which to jump to Hell from.There are people saved [out of] religion every day.If you are counting on good work’s,church attendance, or a number of other fairy tales to get you to Heaven….think again.ONLY Jesus..His finished work[not your’s],on the Cross..and your appropriating it to yourself for your sin will get you there.Faith alone in Christ alone.Praying to ‘the dead’..or infant baptism won’t help you either.Indulgence’s won’t help….Fall on your knee’s in true humility before the Risen Savior Jesus..asking Him for ‘mercy’.He will save you no matter how far you’ve fallen…if you would only ask Him.Throw away your self attempt at pleasing God.No one can do it,not even Paul the Apostle…..Fall on His Mercy.

  3. dan.w says:

    Christianity is not a ‘spectator sport’.The lost,fake christian is satisfied sitting in a pew,being served,being fed,listening to stories from the pastor,but may go home..unsaved,..unchanged…unchallenged.Cultural christianity is a false christianity.It is worldly and focuses on man,and the supposed wrongs that have been inflicted on him/her by ‘whitey’.Everyone is a victim,and someone must pay,[us]…while Christ crucified is totally ignored.No true message of salvation..just a massaging the masses,to kowtow them into cultural obedience,lest they be found’politically incorrect’…oh,the shame.My take is political correctness can fall into the toilet from whence..ooh,I love that word…came!!!.Stand up real Christian,the tare’s are overtaking you.My opinion…Those who would not stand for Christ…will for the Mark.

  4. dan.w says:

    Candace Owens..gets it.She is smarter than the whole of all the democratic/marxists parties combined.The demoncrats play satans game…divide and conquer.They are the slave owners.They enslave minds and lives to each next generation.There is one kind…nations,yes,but one kind.We are human.God bless you Candace.You have wisdom,heart and articulate truth.Keep going!!