What newly-leaked DNC emails reveal should TERRIFY Christians

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  1. Judy says:

    Isn’t the Church of Christ pretty much like the Presbyterian USA group? I have a friend who went one time to a local Church of Christ assembly and she came away very disappointed. She whispered to me, “I don’t think those people are Christians”. She said she would never go there again. Since the Pepperdine University has sold out to the freak show in the white house, haven’t they pretty much sold their souls?

    Jesus really, really needs to come back very soon! He is the only One who can stop this madness!

  2. Dan.w says:

    That is why ‘ism’s’ cannot save anyone.There are many who walk an aisle,belong to a certain denomination,were raised in christian homes,had a mom or dad that believed in Christ..but God has no grandchildren.We must all be born again,’of the Spirit’ of God,as you are.It’s a ‘God thing’,from start to finish.We add nothing to gain or keep salvation,we take nothing from it.As all who come here know..Eternal life is a free gift,because only Jesus could have,[and did],pay our sin debt in full.Churches are made up of living building stones,[us],and congregations have both living and not living stones in them…one day soon,the living and not living stones shall be gone through by the Lord.We have nothing to fear,..but oh,..the lost………

  3. patr says:

    Thank you John. You are always on the cutting edge of what is happening around the world. Our news media is useless, bought and paid for by the elite. It’s good to know what is hoing on spiritually as well do we know how yo pray. May God keep you safe and in the center if His perfect will.

  4. Sandra Armstrong says:

    Hi Pastor John. I have a link to send to you, but I do not have your email address. How can I send you this link?