WORLD WAR 3: Obama’s transgender policy ‘devastating’ military

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  1. Dan.w says:

    The ‘wrecking ball’ that is obama,is the face of America’s evil…not to play favorite’s ‘hellory’ is that as well.They mock,destroy all that is good,in their wake is death and destruction.The [third rail of the clinton’s] is those 46…oop’s 47 people who expired prematurely on their watch.The latest was lifting weight’s when suddenly,mysteriously…his windpipe ….just collapsed…happen’s every day,right?The teflon queen,and the ‘kenyan’ are in it till we are done as a nation.The are like a tag team for satan…only this is no game.When everything is decimated,and the pieces too small to bring back together…will the real Church have stood in her finest hour?Thank you brother John,and all who love truth…. enough to be a burr under the saddle of those who would destroy us…if they could.Keep up the good work.