World War 3 – Russia

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  1. Dan.w says:

    Excellent articles and artwork layout and designs.Keep warning us with truth the liestream media consistantly leaves out for more ‘important stories’….not.Your ministry is cutting edge and blessed of the Lord.Thank you a million times over,your friend/brother Dan.w Keep looking up……..Jesus is coming soon.

  2. Dan.w says:

    If they ‘silence us’ via the Barry internet giveaway,how are we to continue communications?..Shortwave,snail mail,etc?I believe we need to try some immprecatory prayer to have the Lord deal with these globalists.Father God,I ask that you deal with all those who would try to thwart your plans.We know they can’t,but as believers,please make an endrun around their evil schemes,and let what they have planned for us become their lot and their future,Amen.

  3. Nancy says:

    Amen and Amen!!!

  4. Nancy says:

    For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven: llcor. 5:2

  5. Judy says:

    Brother John:

    Why have the churches stopped teaching Prophesy? Do you know? I am finding that people have stopped watching the signs. Don’t they believe in Jesus any longer?

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      This is the problem that I run into. There is only a remnant that is looking for the Lord.
      The slide started in the 1980s.
      Only a sovereign move of God can break these hard hearts and this is why we have prayer during the week.

  6. Ron says:

    The U.S. Air Force has now, for the first time ever moved all three platforms of its heavy bombers into Guam, the B-1, B-2 & B-52. The South China Sea could very easily be the flash-point of a major war as is the Ukraine. I see the movement of these bombers as a signal to China that the U.S. has the might to backup an ultimatum to abandon their threats of controlling shipping lanes. However with a leader as weak as Obama I doubt China will take the threat seriously and other countries (Japan) will get involved.

  7. Catherine says:

    I have a friend who co-pastors a church with her husband and she calls herself a Christian evangelist, but she supports Hillary Clinton, even though I showed her your Ordnance of the Amorites article. This really alarms me because I thought only non-Christians were delusional about the DEMONcrats, but it appears even Christians haven’t a clue. Does this mean that she is not really a Christian? It seems she really doesn’t want to know the truth. She calls Hillary “her baby.” This nauseates me.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      There is something seriously wrong with her and if you look deeper there is much more to this.
      She is in deep rebellion against the God’s word and most likely she is a feminist at her core.

      • Judy says:

        I am wondering why a supposed Christian could support Clinton. Clinton is very supportive of the murder and dissecting innocent babies and then offering those babies on the alter of greed to satisfy their little god money. Clinton also supports and endorses the homosexual lifestyle, which is an abomination to God. Perhaps this woman does not read the Bible. If she does, then she completely missed what God had to say. She really needs prayer and perhaps some psychiatric attention.

        I pray every day for Clinton. I pray that God will hold her severely responsible for her demonic ways. I pray that God will open her heart and show herself how evil and vile her beliefs are.

        I read an article recently about how “democrats cannot go to heaven”. Very interesting and completely supported by the Word.

  8. Favour says:

    the Lord Jehovah is for Israel, who then can fight against Jerusalem and expect victory?