WW3: North Korea close to attacking USA with nuclear missiles

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  1. Hank says:

    God is sovereign and nothing happens that He does not permit, so all we can do is preach the Gospel and teach the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and those that are in the Will of God to be saved will be saved, the consequences of evil man happen.

  2. Dan.w says:

    God bless you brother John on all the accurate reports you provide here.It is hard to watch,when you try to reach to a lost one for Christ and they keep pushing the truth away.More than once,I’ve tried to explain the evils of islam to someone,only to have them rail against everything [but islam].They could have one moderate [friend],and take that persons word as truth and totally laugh at the Bible and the Author of it.We are there.spiritually speaking.We are at judgment’s door.The lost won’t know what happened.I’ve really tried to make Jesus known,wherever I go,because I sense the lateness of the hour.May Jesus guide and keep all of you,my family.

  3. garylthmp says:

    If the Church of Scotland has discovered that the church is in transition, it sure doesn’t seem to care about avoiding aggravating the trend, judging from http://constitution.com/look-church-scotland-done/