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Saturday YouTube: Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

I will be teaching on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as found in Acts 2:16-21 and show that the real outpouring is for today. The reality is power to preach the gospel, win souls and make disciples. This outpouring is NOT limited to a few, but it is for everyone.


Abba Father’s International Fellowship: Imams Pakistan

The following pictures are of Pastor Jamil meeting with the top Imams in his area about the book When Jesus Sets You Free. He would only meet with them, if they promised not to kill him!!! They meet in a hotel and spent a long time with Jamil teaching them. The asked many questions. One elderly Imam later met with Jamil and confessed Christ. He said if he went public, he would be killed. Pastor Jamil is still in contact with several of these Imams.