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Abba Father’s International Fellowship: Update Tanzania

I had an incredible time preaching live through Skype. This time it was in Tanzania near the border with Malawi. There are many Muslims in the area and they attended in great number. The church was full and many Muslims did not want to come into the church, so they moved the meeting outside. There was a large group and they spread out in a big ring. Pastor Zaphinia reported that many Muslims came to the Lord including the local Imam. This ministry is continuing to win many Muslims to the Lord. It seems that every time I speak, Imams are coming to Jesus. They are responding to the message that Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted!


Saturday YouTube: Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

I will be teaching on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as found in Acts 2:16-21 and show that the real outpouring is for today. The reality is power to preach the gospel, win souls and make disciples. This outpouring is NOT limited to a few, but it is for everyone.


Vatican: China best example of church’s social doctrine

It is not surprising that the Vatican is so happy with the Chinese Communists now running the Catholic Church! Rome thinks that Communist China is a good role model for social justice. The NWO is out in the open about their goal for control. They are not even attempting to hide what they are doing. The pope is nothing more than a Communist agent dressed up as a Catholic pope.


Wednesday Music Night: Not on YouTube

I have a great collection of real good Christian music. Because of copyright, I can not play this music on YouTube. I have a conference room which you can call into or enter into through a website. If you enter in through the website, you can use the chat.



I’ve been saying that the Hard Left politicians in California are turning the state into Mexico. Their policies are driving the Middle Class out of the state. Mexico has virtually no Middle Class, just very rich and the poor. Poor Immigrants are replacing the Middle Class, so it is a double loss. The tax base shrinks, yet the welfare cost increases.


We love God’: President Trump Addresses National Prayer Breakfast

This was a tremendous speech by the President as he actually made reference to the name of Jesus Christ! I can’t remember any other president doing this! There is no political gain for using the Lord’s name, so this is genuine. Many have said Trump is a new believer in the Lord, and this shows there is truth to it!