Category: American Politics

The Passing of Rush Limbaugh

I’ve listened to Rush through the years and learned to trust what he said and pay attention to his views on events. God did give him a gift of really being able to discern truth and predict what the Hard Left Communists would do.

America Without God

This is an incredible article that puts together the Hard Left’s destructive mindset and what it has done to America and the West. The bottom line is America and the West have rejected God, with godless Hard Left Communism being the result.

Tremendous teaching: Psyops Gaslighting in America

This is best article I’ve seen about gaslighting going in America. Once you see how gaslighting is being used against you, it is easy to identify it, then stand against it, and defeat it. They who gaslighting are evil: you are NOT crazy. This is a planned psyop against the American people