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John McTernan’s Daily Insights Special Event Blog Post: June 18, 2022

America’s Delusion / American Communism / American Fascism / American Politics / Anarchy – Civil War

5 Jun, 2022
John McTernan’s Daily Insights Special Event Blog Post: June 5, 2022

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Legendary US Army Commander Says Russia Would “Annihilate” US In Head-To-Head Battle

If you followed me for a while, you know that I’ve be saying that God raised up Russia as a “rod-of-judgment” against the West and America. I believe this more than ever. America is now like Sodom with sin and will not stop the slaughter of the babies in the womb. I also believe that Obama, a man-of-sin, does not intend to stop interfering with the dividing of Jerusalem.

URGENT WARNING!!! “God’s Final Warning to America and the World.

In previous posts, I wrote about the “perfect trifecta” the Supreme Court made in June with touching Jerusalem, abortion and “homosexual marriage”. I warned of the judgment to come as God is holy and will not allow His holy institution of marriage to be mocked by Americans. It took only one “business day” but it looks like the judgment is already starting to manifest.