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BLOG POST: Islam’s Advance in America

billboard-dallasIt is really troubling that Islam can be so aggressive in America with little response against them. The Muslims posted this billboard in Dallas, Texas. It links the Lord Jesus to Islam, and that He was a Muslim! How about thousands responding to it with a testimony of Jesus Christ that He is the the Savior and the only begotten Son of God. They are inviting you to call, so why not. You can call 877 949-47526 (correct number

World War 3: “Israel ‘on brink of third intifada’

The momentum for a third intifada is building. The battle over Jerusalem is starting to take shape within Israel and worldwide as recent statements by Obama make his thoughts clear. God’s rod of judgment is ready as the world is now lining up against Israel over Jerusalem. God is going to be glorified over this battle. The world will see the authority of His word.