Curse of Obama: Urges Soldiers to Question Trump’s Authority, ‘Criticize Our President’

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  1. danw says:

    Beautiful worship song to the Lord.

  2. Bonita's husband says:

    At times we through up our hands in despair on how the enemy seem’s to have his whole body in thru the door concerning the young, but when we take a good look around (including Sunday go to meeting) we can still find a remnant of them who truly love our Savior – I’ve gave it thought on what I’m about to say; many of us can remember the times of our youth, then the times of raising our family’s & now great grand ones. Some of us were prodigals or kids & grand ones alike and we can always fall back on His words of the raising of the family (Proverb’s 22:6) is often reassuring!
    Personally, I was the ultimate (black-sheep) prodigal and w/kid gloves He systematically reeled me back in to His fold – if some may wander He rattles our cages to remind us just Who we are ambassadors for! It should be very troubling to each & all if we may (sometime) be untrue to the One who truly (agape) loved us in spite of what we done – this draws us closer and for this reason we love the lost fore we truly know they way of our Savior! If it was only one person, any one, He’d still would go to the Cross as the perfect Lamb.
    Back when Don Moen sang the song If You Run to Him, He’ll Run To You” I felt the need to go to the back bedroom and get down on my knee’s before Him – the very moment I’d did just that His Agape love flowed through me like warm sweet honey. I was watching some Christian show where this sister explained like ‘dropping a teabag in a cup of (very warm) water, I thought, one couldn’t explain it better! The Lord has His ways, His loving ways! Other then my wife & a very few others, I’ve told no one. Theirs nothing wrong when we tell others the ways of His love – it’s just that many Christians today want to distant themselves in fear of being a Holy roller?! I’ve never prayed in tongues like Paul, I’d love to have the gift – I’ve never spoken in tongues like some of us have witnessed while visiting a country church of brothers & sisters who aren’t ashamed of the Gospel & the ways of the early church! But, He Touched me, as without doubt He has touched you all in ways one might want not to want to share w/others?!
    Growing up Baptist (in many ways I still believe are sound) but, they (as I once were) are no more then stick’s in the mud, don’t dare tapping your foot during an uplifting sing! But Then He Touched me, O He Touched me, and now I know…