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Curse of Obama: Urges Soldiers to Question Trump’s Authority, ‘Criticize Our President’

He is a curse on the nation right up to his last moment in office. He told the army to feel free to rebel against Trump! This man is really a traitor for all to see. He is not even trying to disguise his treason. Both Obama and Clinton are national dangers, and I am so happy that God was merciful to us and Clinton was not elected.

DNC Convention 2016: Soviet Flags, Palestinian Flags – BUT FEW US FLAGS

The Hard Left is showing its true face for the world to see at the Democratic National Convention. There were Soviet and Palestinian flags flying, but until yesterday, no US flags; although eventually some photos of a US flag were publicized (possibly in response to the outcry raised over the lack of them) they were far outnumbered by the others. There also have been many photos of anti-Israel signs and burning of both Israeli and American flags.
While Trump had a huge surge in popularity at the conclusion of the Republican convention and mainstream pundits predicted the same would hold true for Hillary, this has not been the case. Between the scandals that have broken by the WikiLeaks release of 20,000 Democratic emails, the near riots by Sanders supporters who felt cheated, the removal of party Chairwoman Debbie Wassernman, the documentary about Clinton foundation cash and the growing distrust of Hillary, the Democratic party seems to be coming apart.
Remember 2012, when Democrats at their convention voted to remove all mention of God from their platform? Could this be coming back to haunt them? They won’t see any connection because of the blindness of the reprobate mind, but God’s word does refer to just such repercussions.

URGENT! Courts say living by Christian faith is illegal

The noose continually is being drawn around the necks of believers in America. I report all the time about the reprobates gaining more power and marginalizing us. Now the courts in various parts of the country are saying it is illegal to follow the Bible if it conflicts with human law. Slowly but surely the legal structure for persecution of believers is being established. The gospel will be defined as “hate speech,” and therefore, you have no right to speak it in public, to children, etc.
God has turned America over to the reprobates because the Church does not care and has lost its power. If persecution does come, the real Church will have no one to blame but themselves. God has showed us what is happening, but so far the will to stand in the name of Jesus is not in the will of the vast majority of Christians. In addition, there is almost no leadership by pastors.

Harvard Study Concludes Attending Prayer Services Leads to Longer Life

I wanted to post some good news, and this is how prayer effects our health. A massive study of 75,000 people over 16 years proved the health benefits of praying to the Lord.
We need prayer now more than ever as the nations sink deeper into sin and rebellion against God. The nations are in turmoil which will only get worse as we approach the Day of the Lord and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. If this is so, how much sooner is the coming of the Lord Jesus for his bride, the Church!