URGENT! Courts say living by Christian faith is illegal

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  1. Hom says:

    Romans 1:24-25 “Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness”

    This explains why the homosexuals lifespan is shorter. Uncleaness is breeding ground for diseases in the natural world. God has instruction on clean and unclean things.


  2. Dan.w says:

    Like you brother John,I have rung the bell to others about our loss of freedom because the ‘average’,if there is such a thing,Christian remains quiet instead of holding up a righteous standard against evil.When I talk of the ‘evils’ of the day…you hear no Amen..but I do get an occasional sound that sounds like total silence.Why are most afraid?Why doe’s evil trump truth in their lives?Are there no convictions anymore?I know,it’s a sign of the very last of last day’s,and yes…the ‘church’ is according to Scripture,judged first.Personally,I believe the ‘false church will be judged of the Lord..to their peril..and the real ‘Church’,judges itself,as it should,because we know what happens if we don’t.Keep short account’s with God…then there will be nothing to feel bad about because we stand at God’s mirror of Scripture…laid open and bare to Him,hiding nothing…no secrets..no secret sins. God bless you faithful watchman John.

  3. Judy says:

    I wonder how much this ‘satanic attitude” will affect Christian Radio, Christian television and the multitude of men and women who produce DVD’s that tell the truth about the apostate church and homosexuals; baby murderers etc.

    A church about 15 miles from us has changed their name. It was previously a “Christian Church”. They have changed their name recently to “Destiny” which is a lead in to the New World Order. Destiny is the spirit child which becomes the Anti-Christ.

    I so look forward to Jesus return. I was listening to Charles Stanley today and he said, “Christians who do not look for the “Blessed Hope” do not have a relationship with Christ. I agree 100% Honestly? I do not know how anyone can get through a day without their Bible and Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

  4. Dan.w says:

    I see everything upside down as the Real Jesus was sent apackin’.I live in a major city,where ‘the minority’ is the majority.Young thugs without real parents or a conscience are stealing cars right and left,even from dealerships.They drive around like a pack of rabid animals looking to inflict hurt and pain on the first one who looks at them wrong.Here’s my thought…When Christ is not honored in society,and Him,being the ‘head’ is absent…nothing can go right.The police have their hands tied because the reply they get is ‘they are racist’..so now,I see no police at all…period.not good.I know stuff can happen anywhere,even out ‘in the sticks’….but chances are if I moved farther out,at least if I have to defend my family against ‘animals’I might stand up better in court…as it is the victim gets blamed time and again…I don’t lay down and play victim to no one.I would/may die for Christ…that’s different.But I refuse to have a punk take me out for no reason…I say…someone’s gonna die…and it ain’t me.Christian and doormat are not interchangable in my book.I believe in giving out the Gospel…but if they don’t want it,and think my life is worthless,they have one more lesson to learn.God bless all…come Lord Jesus.Anytime now is fine with me.

  5. Dan.w says:

    ….and on a lighter note.There is a younger than I darker skinned man whom the Lord seemed to draw us together.Some months ago,I spotted him as a new worker at a local hardware store,and introduced myself.We talk about most things,but most important..he loves Jesus.Iron sharpens iron when we talk.He’s seen and been through a lot.Last week I prayed for him and spoke of the brevity of life.The next day,he was hit by a hit and run driver as he was exiting a city bus on the way to work.Injured,he still walked,[hobbled],to his job.Now,there’s a man I’d want working for me.He know’s God is in control,and though he’s younger,I’m sure there are lesson’s I could learn from him as well.I’m [mentoring him] as his father was murdered for $50 years ago.Please hold up my friend in the Lord,Mike in prayer.He knows he has a testimony to share.Pray God uses him mightily for His Kingdom.Thank you,Dan.w

  6. Spitefull reprobates of downcast countenance spite themselves. There is nothing they do or can do that is worse than what awaits them behind the veil of eternity. Not even torture or death. Unlike them, death shall have no hold on the believers on Yeshua King of Kings. They may take my head from my body, but my spirit belongs to Lord of Spirits.