Donald Trump Wins Round One with North Korea

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  1. KimW says:

    Time to boycott all of disneys products.

  2. danw says:

    Disney has been in the predator role for a long time.It’s not to say good people don’t work there…but it went from family friendly in some cases in the past to indoctrination and subliminal embeds in its cartoons/movies to blatant pushing of evil.It’s like fast food…may taste good…but wait for the indigestion…it will come.Disneyland even has a homosexual days at it’s theme parks.

  3. Jackie says:


    I watched this video yesterday and this pastor from Australia goes into great detail concerning the eclipse on the 21. So worth the watch.

  4. danw says:

    Good.Did you get the get well card as well?Sorry if it seemed a little on the feminine side,but my cat picked it out.

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      Ha, ha! – John will have to respond to you, but I couldn’t help but laugh reading your comment since I came to Arkansas with 24 cats – love those critters… and John drove the truck with all of them caged in the back to get me to the man I married…

  5. danw says:

    Critters nothing!..He’s my son,honest! I tell people lots of stuff,some of it true.But if one thing is true,it’s my cat is so smart…well,you know.Even with all 24 cats in the cages..they still got you to the wedding,and brought John along,just for the ride…Now that’s some smart kittie’s.Sometime’s when I send my cat to the store,I have to remind him to move the drivers sear closer to the wheel,so he can reach the pedal’s.Otherwise sometime’s he forget’s,…and that’s not too safe you know.

    • Georgann Ryan says:

      Love your comments, Dan… by the way, besides all of those cats in the back, my golden retriever, Audie, rode in the front seat of the truck with John instead of with me in the car… he’s smart too – smart enough to know there was lots more room & a better view in the truck…