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Could The Coming Eclipse of 08/21 be a Warning From the Lord?

For the first time in exactly 100 years, a full solar eclipse will travel across the entire United States. It will start off the coast of Oregon and then exit out through South Carolina.
I have posted some about this, but not much. But, because of the timing of events, I believe that this eclipse could be a direct warning from the Lord.

Trump decries ‘alt-left’ in Charlottesville: ‘Do they have any semblance of guilt?’

This was an absolutely wonderful move by President Trump. He told the truth, that the battle was between Confederate Flag people sprinkled with Nazi flags and the Antifa that are Communists and anarchists!
He told the truth and the MSM are choking over this. Antifa is their baby which they want to protect. I have great respect for the President for bringing out this truth to the American people.
Antifa is as great a danger as the Nazis, and maybe even more because they have the backing of the Hard Left. We now can rally around the President as he exposes the violence of the alt-Left!

Donald Trump Wins Round One with North Korea

I think the present crisis with NK is a real feeling-out process between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. If he fires his missiles at Guam, it will start the war, but I don’t think that he will. There might still be a little time before WW3 starts. Of course, I might be wrong, so we all still need to pray.

1 in 5 CEOs are psychopaths, Australian study finds

Evil is running rampant across our nation and across the world. What is the definition of evil, the ultimate, original sin? According to some it’s pride – not in the sense that we’re proud of our accomplishments but rather, in the sense that Satan displays it. It’s that arrogance and concern only for themselves that narcissists exhibit. They work to bring about their own will, while the cost to others is irrelevant to them. People are objects only for their use; they have NO empathy or concern for others.
In fact, they can’t stand the idea of imperfection or sin, but instead of examining their own hearts, they choose to displace it onto everyone else, and then work to destroy that sense of imperfection they see in those around them. They are deadly, and recent studies confirm what we’ve learned over the years about them, and what the Bible tells us – that they gravitate to power, and therefore, often are found in high-level positions. Beyond this, roughly the same number of psychopaths can be found in prison populations as in high-power positions. Why do some end up at the top and others at the very bottom? We’re not sure because a factor in both is above-average intelligence – but that’s the spread, and now, it’s roughly twenty percent of the population.

Special Attention: Economy

I have not posted much about the US economy for a long time. I watch it all the time, but held back because economics is so hard to predict what is going to happen. It appears that the time is very near for the US economy to melt down. The forces are now in play that cannot be reversed. The massive debt has a “life of its own”.



Massive weather destruction is bearing down on America. This includes incredible dust storms in the West, massive fires in California and Colorado, record breaking heat throughout the Southern section of the country, record drought in the West and the formation of a Derecho, which could spinoff tornadoes, stretching from Iowa to the East Coast.

Urgent: Massive Earthquake Swarm and Hurricane

I hope that everyone is prepared, if not, please immediately do so with what little time is left. Droughts, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes can you see the pattern! God is about to crush the United States for promoting sodomy and touching Israel.

Warning: Hard Left Fascism

Chicago is a lost city given over to judgment. By Mayor Emanuel’s own words,he does not want Christians in Chicago. Remember, when he attacked Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy, he attacked all of us, you and me. This was an outright declaration of war by the government of Chicago against God’s people! Also Emanuel is a Jew but being a Hard Left reprobate takes president. The Hard Left cuts across religions and nationalities. In fact, it is a religion of its own. So a Jewish mayor is begging a hardcore radical Muslim who hates Jews to have a free reign in Chicago, while at the exact time he is throwing out Christians because they stand for God’s marriage!