Kim Jong-un warns Donald Trump he is pushing North Korea to the brink of nuclear war

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  1. danw says:

    Mr.’Kim’ claims Trump is pushing him to war….no,just the opposite is true.We know the devil is behind all this,pit one against the other.I hate war..but,unfortunately it becomes needed.If we wait for ‘Kim’ to lob one over our heads,then we deserve to lose.I know it may become a [domino effect]…but we either become victim,or victor,saved or slave.Let’s shut this bad boy down…now.On another note.I recently saw a homo ad for the state of Illinois…something on TV to the effect of ‘bring your pride here….Yeah ,don’t forget to advertise it so God can find you.I wanted to puke.Even so..come Lord Jesus.

  2. danw says:

    Thank you.You are an incredible blessing,as is our sis Georgeann and this great ministry…..I pray the Lord bless you all.

  3. Brian H says:

    They are few and far between, but there is indeed a man of God in Las Vegas. His name is Pastor Billy Crone from Get A Life Media. May God protect him, his family, and Sunrise church. Better yet, may God soon send His Son for His Bride! Thanks for the great work Mr. McTernan and Ms. Ryan!