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Iraqi Resistance Movement Establishes Brigade to Liberate Golan Heights

These groups just can’t wait for the Syrian war to end so they can attack Israel! Their doom awaits when they move against Israel. The Bible is very clear that Syria and Damascus will be totally destroyed in war with Israel. The total destruction of Damascus is a warning sign of the imminent Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Spirit of 1776

On the eve of President Trump’s inauguration, there was an event at the Lincoln Memorial. I did not watch this happening live, but yesterday I watched it. This event deeply touched, me even to tears. The military band sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and it brought kind of a healing to me. I felt the great Civil War hymn which so honored the Lord along with the current setting, which really restored me. When hearing the hymn, I realized just how much battling the Hard Left all of these years had drained part of me. I sense now that God has restored me and renewed me to stand for the Lord and engage the reprobate mind with more power.