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God’s Final Warning to California/America

On this blog I have documented on many occasions how the record-breaking drought destroying California is tied into the homosexual agenda along with many of the huge forest fires. What I found with this earthquake is that it occurred within 48 hours after a major pro abortion decision in the state.

North Korea Watch Update

North Korea has now taken this situation to the point of war with no turning back. The war could start any moment, but I just sense that now is not the time. I think this war will coincide with the war in the Middle East. It will coincide with China attacking Japan.



I also posted several links between the promotion of the homosexual agenda, especially about “homosexual marriage,” and once again NK threatening to attack America with nuclear weapons. It happen once more today as the Supreme Court was hearing the California “homosexual marriage” case. NK called for the full mobilization of its army along with its nuclear missiles to attack America.