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Turkey Launches Major US-Backed Ground and Air Incursion Inside Syria

Turkey just invaded Syria with almost no government or news source reporting on it! This is incredible because for the longest time, Erdogan has wanted to take over Syria as part of the reconstruction of the Ottoman Empire. Turkey is Sunni while Syria/Iran are Shiites. This could lead to the all-out Sunni-Shiite civil war that has to come. Russia backs the Shiites while the US backs Turkey. This is complicated and convoluted and getting more complex by the day!
All of this is heading toward the total destruction of Damascus and the fulfillment of Isaiah 17, as well as to Jerusalem and the destruction of Islam.

Debt debate turns America into a laughing stock: China mocks default limit ‘monkey business’ as it depicts the U.S. as a beggar

The curses of God are now all falling on America. The nation is religiously, morally, politically and economically bankrupt. It is no coincidence that the church is powerless, America has killed 60 million babies, “marrying” homosexuals and $17 trillion in debt. It all goes together to show how corrupt the nation is.