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American arrested in Philippines for producing international online pedophile ring films

Yet another disgusting story about the international elite who love to use children as depraved sexual objects, and of those who are used by them to gratify their lusts. But this story at least has a ring of justice to it, because this pedophile videographer was caught and is being prosecuted. No, he isn’t a high-level, prominent purchaser, merely a low-level procurer, once again. But it is progress, nonetheless, and for that we thank God.
We need earnest prayer, both for the rescue of the victims and for justice to prevail. This is one of the most despicable crimes there is because it targets the innocent and helpless, and the knowledge that many of the elite who govern our nations or run major industries around the world are involved heavily ought to be enough for a massive outcry of citizens in every nation.

Trial Set for Second Man Accused of Helping Ex-Lesbian Flee Country With Daughter

This is an important case because it shows how far the legal system, in the grip of the Hard Left, is willing to go to enforce homosexual ‘rights’ – even in cases where the welfare of children is as stake. After having her civil union dissolved and returning to faith in Christ, Lisa Miller was ordered to give her former ‘partner,’ Janet Jenkins, visitation with Miller’s child Isabella. At first she did so, but after the child began reporting troubling events at Jenkins’ home and began to plead not to return, Miller did the only thing she could to protect her child. She fled, first to Canada and then to Nicaragua, where they’ve been sheltered by Mennonite missionaries.
For assisting her, Mennonite Pastor Kenneth Miller (no relation) was charged with aiding and abetting in international kidnapping and currently is serving 27 months in federal prison. Now a second man, businessman Philip Zodhiates is also set to go on trial for the same crime, helping Lisa and her child flee the country. Please pray for these courageous men who were willing to stand up to help protect this woman and her child – and pray for Lisa and Isabella Miller as well.