Thanksgiving in the Midst of Corruption – Politicians Then and Now

3 Responses

  1. Nancy says:

    That’s what is missing today humble before God wanting His will!!

  2. danw says:

    We had humble leaders who were not afraid to declare our dependence on the Lord.Pray that Mr.Trump will be such a man,and that all of us will be so as well….and as far as Arlo go’s….I don’t want a pickle…just wanna ride my motorsickle…and I don’t wanna die…just wanna ride my motorcy………..cle. Hope all of you had a great thanksgiving.,danw

  3. danw says:

    Someone needs to hold the clintons feet to the fire on all the dead bodies that pile up around them.Why is no one else bringing it out there as an unnavoidable issue?You do,thank God,but nary a whisper from anyone else.We need to shut this death machine down.Pray really hard that the Lord will do a work that only He can do.I will do my part……..I feel a little better.