Tillerson says North Korea poses imminent threat

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  1. danw says:

    As Europe is going,I see us heading that way fast as well.We are overrun by people who don’t want to assimilate as American’s,and so called ‘church leader’s’ misusing [the stranger among us]..by twisting Scripture,sanctuary cities and ‘safe haven’s’ undermining what the president is trying to do..protect our population and secure our border’s.We have outright communist’s,pretending to be liberal’s..working to produce disorder at every level.Even though we have a president and not a prostitute in high office,the battle is still going to be a really tough one.Other nation’s have no idea what it’s like to see America,or at least it’s CEO,have a real spine.This could get interesting….pray hard.Jesus is still on the throne…but it’s a far different one than what the world is on.Take care all.