WikiLeaks suggests murdered DNC staffer was source for leak

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  1. Dan.w says:

    Thank you very much for covering the ‘Clintonbodycount’.It has always bothered me that no one touches this much need to be addressed subject.There is an aura of pure evil surrounding these two.Its as close to staring into the pit of Hell as I want to get.Just think of all the law enforcement personnel ,[bodyguards],etc,that were ‘snuffed out’.This is so huge,even on a Satanic of my goals is to get this truth out there to hopefully throw some wrenches in this wicked machine,perhaps shutting it down.Any one out there..go to….read the long,long,long list.Wow.Get this out there.We don’t need Hellery,Bill the broken zipper,or their hit squad working the show.Father God,I ask humbly,that You would de-fang these evil ones,and let true justice come full circle to them,I ask in Jesus Holy Name…….Amen.

  2. Thank you so much! Our trust is not in people or government but in Jesus Christ. He will come back soon..