American society headed toward a breaking point

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  1. danw says:

    We are speeding along,on God’s prophetic timetable.Israel is one of the Lord’s supersign’s.The increase in Jewish persecution is another.It seem’s as if all nation’s ‘are drunk’ with antichrist’s spirit.The marxist,socialist crowd is heading in one direction..and that is a direct confrontation with the Lord.These are dangerous day’s.We may be remiss as Christian’s at one point or another…but..If you want it to go well with you[not prosperity gospel],get on board with the Lord and bless the Jew.Pray for them,and be their true friend and advocate.We may be on the other end with them politically,or lib vs conservative at time’s,but this transcend’s all that.The Lord has a special place in His heart for them.It would be wise to love them as Christ doe’s.They were only ‘temporarily set aside’ so we could have salvation offered to us..they were never forgotten.Let’s not forget them either.God bless you all.