Category: As The EU Has Done to Israel

At least 34 dead after “suicide bombers” attack Brussles

Europe has relentlessly attacked Israel. It has pressured Israel in every way to divide the land and Jerusalem. They side with terrorists against Israel. Well, God is giving them exactly what they have attempted to do to Israel. He is using Muslims as judgment against these nations which have turned their back Him. This judgment maybe reaching a terminal state, as ISIS has taken root through the continent.

SAUDIS Launch Massive WAR GAME with 20 Nations

There are plenty events happening about the buildup to World War 3. I will keep you posted on the cutting edge of these events. It is coming very fast, and if you are going to work for the Lord now is the time. Based on the events, it really does look like that Syria is going to ignite the war. It is also highly likely that it could soon spread to the use of nuclear weapons.