Clinton Right Hand Woman Huma Abedin Takes the Stage at Center of Email Scandal

2 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    My prayers are being answered..that the Lord would pull the curtain off of evil so it can be seen by everyone.I pray it continues and the slow motion train wreck that are the clintons,soro’s etc…get serious air time,and all their secret deeds to destroy America are seen for what it is.I would live to see regressive’s,[my term for progressive commie’s],go back 50 years in regards to the ground they’ve gained in destroying this country.They are a stench and a blot on all they touch.Just so no one can say I play faves…The false church,the one in name only but not blood bought by Christ,need’s to be exposed as well.They are in bed,[excuse my language],with the leftie’s.One is satan’s big horn,the other one,his cheerleader.Thank you Jesus for showing us that the great oz…isn’t so wonderful after all.All you saint’s..Let us praise God…Amen.

  2. danw says:

    Father God…do what no one wants to do.Touch the ‘third rail’ of politics and evil…and bring out the clintonbodycount for all to see.Many people died mysteriously…let the light of truth shine forth on this subject..make it unnavoidable and in all the media.Thank you Lord….may the name of Christ be exalted high,above the earth.