Poll: Almost One Quarter of British ‘Unwilling’ to Have a Jew in the Family

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  1. danw says:

    We or other nations can and do things that displease God…This doe’s not lessen the fact that a transgression against a Holy God is a very,very serious thing…That being said…Being a true friend of the Jewish person,anywhere,loving them with Christ’s love,and praying for them and Israel will go a very long way in many way’s of stalling God’s judgement on us.He,[The Lord],hates sin and evil..He hates abortion,[murder],He hates homosexuality,etc….These are all serious and will be dealt with either at the Cross in repentance,or at death…ours.The greatest sin is of rejecting Christ and His love gift of salvation.Israel is the apple of God’s eye….It’s like the Lord saying…Do NOT touch her…Good advice I would say.