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Poll: Almost One Quarter of British ‘Unwilling’ to Have a Jew in the Family

Now we know why Europe is under God’s terrible judgment. The dreaded European hatred of the Jews is back. This is why the EU is always against Israel. This is why the Muslims are pouring into Europe, and its culture is being destroyed. This is why the Europeans are willfully coming under Sharia law, because they hate the Lord and his word and the Jews: therefore, all these curses are falling upon Europe.

Calls Grow to Use National Guard to Protect Coulter, Free Speech at Berkeley

The President really needs to do this or people are going to get hurt. These thugs need to be confronted with force to make them pay the price for the rioting. The actions of the Hard Left Fascists on campuses are now reaching the red zone. If they are not stopped, this rioting and violence will end up at the doors of the Church. In the end, they hate everything we stand for, so if left unchecked they will head to the Church.

Israel’s MK Glick on Attending Trump Inauguration: We Are Living in a Biblical Era

It seems that the atmosphere is now charged with something happening regarding the Lord. God will let us know when he is moving on the earth. As we seek the Lord and stay focused on the coming of the Lord Jesus for his bride, God will tip us off that he is moving in judgment against the nations.
We need to stay laser focused on Jerusalem because events regarding this city let us know what the prophetic temperature is. Right now it is hot!

Can a burgeoning satanic movement actually effect political change?

As America continues its slide into sin and rebellion, we see three factions of sin forming. One is the Hard Left reprobates with homosexuality leading the way, the second is Islam with Sharia law and the third is Satanism with worshiping satan. There is no political answer to this mess: the answer is spiritual. As long as the church plays religious games, the nation will continue its descent into hell, until it passes the point of no return. It is possible we already crossed that line with the Supreme Court legalization of “homosexual marriage.”
America’s descent into hell is accelerating, while at the same time America’s enemies such as Russia and China are gaining power daily. I see the Lord raising up these nations as a “rod of judgment” against America. As long as the church remains so unresponsive, wickedness has no bounds in America. This can’t continue for much longer. Some event is going to bring this to a head.

Glenn Beck Channels Mormon Prophecy in Utah for Cruz: ‘Body of the Priesthood’ Will ‘Stand Up When the Constitution Hangs by a Thread’

American presidential politics is now in the twilight zone! The Democrats have a Communist and a pathological liar running. The Republicans have a governor living in a delusion (Kasich) and Senator Cruz, who allowed the Mormon, Glenn Beck, to announce that Cruz was the “promised” coming Mormon Savior of America! This is about a “prophecy” that Joseph Smith made that Beck applied to Cruz, who claims to be an evangelical Christian! A Mormon anointing an evangelical Christian as the Mormon “savior of America?”

Lesbian Adopted Mother Backed in US Supreme Court Ruling

Many are fixed on watching the presidential primary politics and have hope for the nation through politics. The core of America is rotten with sin, as the homosexual agenda advances with very little resistance from the church. With the core so rotten and wicked, there is no real hope with politics: how can there be!

Boston Police Commissioner Evans: “We’re All Muslims Deep Down”

The lead article is about how the Hard Left is just in “love” with Islam. There is no end to how much they will defend Islam. There are several articles about the coming of World War 3 as the buildup is now nonstop. China is becoming very aggressive, while the US is about to confront China over the South China Sea! I am keeping you on the cutting edge events leading to WW3.

As Obama Has Done to Israel

Obama humiliated Netanyahu on September 27, when he refused to meet with the Prime Minister after his United Nations speech. Exactly seven days later, Obama was humiliated before the entire world. What Obama did to Netanyahu came back on him 10 fold as he was humiliated during the debate with Romney. It appears that God is going to remove Obama and the root cause will be his dealing with Israel.

Rebuffing EU, Netanyahu says ‘no limits’ on Jerusalem construction

The European Union is once again after Israel for building homes in Jerusalem. The world cannot stand Israel doing anything in Jerusalem. This is going to escalate until the entire world drawn into the final battle that triggers the Second Coming of Jesus Christ with His church. The cry of the Islamic caliphate when it attacks Israel will be Jerusalem. They do not survive this battle.

Morsi to UN: End Israeli occupation

Morsi immediately went after Jerusalem! He is Muslim Brotherhood and cannot stand that Israel is in control of Jerusalem. His goal is to create an Islamic caliphate with Jerusalem as the capital. In his speech before the United Nations, he is making it very clear that Egypt is going to focus on Israel and Jerusalem. He did not waste time to focus on Jerusalem as it was elected only three months ago. There is no doubt that he is going to lead Egypt in a war against Israel. He wants Jerusalem. According to Ezekiel 29-31, Egypt does not survive this coming war and is totally destroyed.

The Fuse Was Lit to Armageddon

The unity of the Islamic caliphate is now clearly taking shape. This was a planned attack, and they hit on 9-11 to commemorate the initial attack on America. This will greatly advance their agenda and energize them. I see no turning back now. The power in Islam is now with the Muslim Brotherhood. They can sense how weak Obama is and will really press this. Remember the goal is Jerusalem. They are working to gain Syria which I think they will win.

Southern Decadence and Hurricane Isaac

The hurricane has stalled and is causing havoc along the Gulf coast. I wonder if it will stay the entire five days of Southern Decadence. The homosexuals are determined to party in face of the hurricane. The Decadence website posted and said they are determined to party this weekend. It reminds me of them partying in Sodom right up to the minute that it was destroyed