Switzerland’s occult ritual to mark opening of world’s longest rail tunnel

5 Responses

  1. AT says:

    Oh Brother John, thank you thank you for talking about these events that no one else talks about!!! The so called “Christian” rocker is only a wolf in sheep’s clothing acting as a tool to confuse and deceive more of our youth into thinking it’s ok to be that way. The Lord has got to be disgusted at everything He is seeing. He said it well in Revelation 3:16 he will spew us out of His mouth I’m sure it’s because he is revolted by what he sees. These are sad sad days.

  2. Hank Hudson says:

    It’s so great to be a True Christian who loves and study’s the Holy Bible and listens to outstanding Bible experts. Everything happening these days is both disturbing and enlightening when understood through Holy Scripture where everything is put into perspective. Your teachings are excellent and a blessing. God Bless all of you and continue your great work.

  3. Dan.w says:

    I amen you and your work,brother John.It is refreshing to hear God’s word here,without spin and not watered down.Also,real believers meet here,and where they are,Christ is there as well…that’s where I want to be.Keep up the fine work,all you living saint’s.