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Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) gone wild

The more the President stands up to and exposes the Hard Left for its lies, the more they are breaking. It appears that many in the Hard Left are now starting to break under the realization that the President won and his agenda can’t be stopped. Just image what these people will be like in four years! The psychiatrists must be working 24/7 and the drug companies will have to to hire another shift just to keep up with the requests for drugs!
It looks like a mass psychosis now has taken over the minds of the Left, and they can’t cope with reality. One of their delusions was smashed and they have no place to turn. This is really sad, but maybe as they start breaking, they will turn to the Lord.

Switzerland’s occult ritual to mark opening of world’s longest rail tunnel

Europe is in complete rebellion against the Lord. The Europeans, in general, reject the Lord and anything to do with his word. It would be unthinkable for them to hold a major ceremony honoring Jesus Christ, or one full of Christian symbolism. What they did was hold a huge ceremony for the opening a tunnel in Switzerland, and it was full of pagan symbolism. It seems that the Europeans will embrace anything except what is associated with the God of the Bible.
Make sure that you see the articles about this and all the pictures showing just how outright pagan it was.

Americans ‘snapping’ by the millions

The number of Americans that are having mental issues is simply staggering. I believe that the percentage of Americans having these issues are directly related to the presence of God’s Holy Spirit being removed from the nation.

Could Chronic Niacin Deficiency Be a Root Cause of Increase in “Deranged” Violent Crimes?

It is very possible that the source of some depression and anxiety is the diet. The lack of vitamins and minerals, plus the junk diet, just may be the cause of depression. I highly recommend that anyone prone to depression or anxiety begin to look at a possible spiritual cause such as a broken heart or physical with the diet. With a proper diet, and a drawing closer to the Lord, the need for the antidepressants might go away.